Sick of misplacing things now u can remove them join our heavy modded server with allot of mods

Join our heavy modded server with good starter pack
Everyone is welcome to join our Heavy modded rust server (Wipe 3 days ago)
hi everyone is welcome to make a nice base/home on our server :slight_smile:
atm we have ±20 active players on the server arround midday evening and are looking for more
Hackers will be banned we dont need hackers on the server
No killing of freshspawns give everyone a chance to start the game
Last wipe 3 days ago
settings of the server

pvp - on
sleepers - on
Instacraft on
airdrop - airdrop starts at 10 players and 1 more drops a ingameday when there are 40+ players
massdrop - 2 times a day when the admin is online (manual drops atm )

the mods and setting on the server are

econ mod - a money system that allow u to buy and sell items ( money is earned by kiling zombies animals people and doing quests
quest mod - gives you some basic missions to earn items and money
group system - make a group with your friend and have the option to turn friendly fire on
kits -a starter kit to give you some items to get starter1250 wood hatchet food bow pants
basealarm - alarms u when ure base gets raided when your on the server
ticket - to report cheaters/bugs/questions
ping - see ure ping on the server
list - see who is online
door share -share your door with friends
Cutsom Loot spawn - more diffrent loot can be found
bounty - add a bounty on a player
stats - see the top 10 players on the sever
deathmessage - see who gets kiled by who on the server
chathistory - see the last 20 lines of the chat
Teleport - teleport 2 times to ure friends (every server restart)
teleport to home - teleport to joir home for a price
Time - see how late it is in rust
remove - misplaced a pillar foundation use ure pickaxe to fix it

fast join press f1 and type
net .connect

hope to see you on the server :-

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not three" - postal))