Sick of roleplaying bull$#%& !

Hello guys. I’m here to ask for some help. I’ve been playing gmod for many years since gmod9 and one of the things I enjoyed the most was Roleplaying.

I really loved to do serious RP being a merchant, chef, drug dealer, gun dealer and such so I could sell things to other players, buy things, have my shop, my house. It was very very fun. The hunger meter was also something very nice about RP that I really enjoyed as people had to buy food from the chef, which could spawn pies, eggs, bread, etc. To sum up, I like to play serious rp.

I stopped playing gmod for a while last year and and started missing it so I began playing again this week. I downloaded DarkRP and played on several servers.

But what really brought me here was my anger. I just can’t find a serious RP server. All I find is servers in which you just can’t spawn anything (only admin can spawn drugs. How am I supposed to be a drug dealer?) and you only see people jumping around trying to bug the map. In adition, 80% os the server’s population is made of cops and thieves. 10% is afk players and the other 10% is people messing around with anything they find in the way.

I miss old rp times and I wanted to know if you guys have a solution to my problem. Is there a way for me to play a serious roleplay?


I am just tired to do /me Roll when i get hit in serious HL RP. I want to kill someone with a gun, not /me punches

Lol I don’t what that means. Never really been throught that

Play deathmatch?

So. Anyone has a solution to my problem??

make your own server or stop playing gmod, roleplay is dead

You could try hosting a server with someone with everything you want in it.

Just play zombie survival.

Why did you censor the title? It’s a forum, I don’t think anyone cares if you type out the word bullshit.

Also, if you can try to get into the community, TNB is an extremely serious roleplay server.

You called DarkRP serious roleplay? Jesus, I’ve had GMod for three years and I have yet to see a serious DarkRP. I know one guy started one several months ago. Needless to say, it failed because minges flock to DarkRP. It’s been this way for a while; it isn’t changing. I too used to like DarkRP, then I got into actual serious roleplay, came back, and realized 99% of servers are not administrated well or, most commonly, are full of mass amounts of minges.

If you want actual serious roleplay, I would suggest joining a server with [OA] or something similar in front of the gamemode title. OpenAura HL2 RP is about the only serious roleplay you’ll find on GMod. There are others, but most of them have little to no one on them. It’s majorly disappointing that most of the GMod community flocks to HL2 RP because all they know how to do is beat or get beaten. Pretty much, if you want interesting roleplay, go with something besides HL2 RP. Maybe Severance or New Vegas. I dunno. In any case, you might like HL2 RP since I’m assuming you’ve never played actual serious roleplay judging by your text. I used to play extensively; then I realized there were MUCH better and more interesting roleplays out there. Also, HL2 RP is debateably the most serious OpenAura gamemodes out there. Weapons are rare, and you have to work majorly hard to get one as a citizen (and even then it’s not guaranteed), and some other shit I don’t feel like taking time to mention. Of course, the most serious doesn’t mean the best. HL2 RP is majorly flawed in the facts:

  1. If you do anything against canon, your character can be killed, or you may possibly get banned. This includes, but is not limited to: being underage or overage, having military background, jumping, running, swearing, being mentally unstable, etc. Of course, this all depends on the server.

  2. Little (if any) interesting roleplay occurs. Again, this is because of the canon. It’s considered “minging” if you do something like assaulting an officer without being in the resistance. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be that guy who goes against the MPF, constantly getting his character amputated or possibly PKed.

  3. The canon is hardly modifiable. It’s all basically the same roleplay no matter what server you go on.

    • Walk around.
    • Run a little bit.
    • An MPF officer catches you.
    • Get beat.
    • Rinse and repeat.

Pretty much, you can do one of two options:

  1. Join HL2 RP because that’s where newfags flock to.
  2. Join an interesting roleplay server with an extremely low playerbase because all the newfags know is HL2 RP.

Thanks for reading my wall of text. G’day.

Thank you for spending time sending the wall of text. It was pretty helpful and I didn’t think anyone would care as much.
I’m tired of the RP I play. I’m going to start playing on [OA] Gamemode servers as you said. I hope it satisfies my !

Thank you alot for your concern !!

No problem. Most of it was just me rambling about HL2 RP lol. But yeah, you’re welcome.

Stay away from OpenAura in general. I suggest you look for Tiramisu2 servers.

I’m not a big fan of Tiramisu to be honest. And it seems to be the people who like it just like it because it’s not over-done. Pretty much, Tiramisu is the hipster version of OpenAura. I’ve played Tiramisu 2, and to be quite honest, I just don’t like the lack of features. People say you don’t need features to roleplay, but I whole-heartedly disagree. If I wanted to play Tiramisu 2, I should just go to Steam chat and roleplay there. In comparison, OpenAura has a lot more features, a larger community, and a person doesn’t need to know Lua to make something slightly unique. To kind of put it in comparison, OpenAura is like Windows. It’s easy to understand, you can do more things with it, but it doesn’t run as smoothly as say Linux. Tiramisu 2 is like Linux, it’s a little harder to understand, you can do many things with it, but you need to know all that command line shit, but it runs smoother in comparison to Windows.

That’s just my opinion. Others are going to see it differently.

I like aussie darkrp servers
atleast the ones done RIGHT
they’re pretty fun

well you gotta understand there are alot of immature people out there and that ruins it for such rpg servers. the same thing is kinda true when you use MMOs like Wow and go to a rpg server and most people there are not acting as such. the best thing to do is to maybe by word or mouth or by some google searching look for a server or two that is established as a good rpg server rather then randomly joining those in hopes it will be good (as that might take a while.) just a thought. what makes rp great is the community if you dont have a good community of such players then yeah you will run into problems.

You know, RP =/= RPG, right?

I think that’s a really out-dated Tiramisu opinion, and one that, due to being a majority opinion, has left Tiramisu 2 heavily under-appreciated.

Tiramisu 2 doesn’t lack features. Granted, it doesn’t look as good as OA, but its faster, less prone to crashes, and does everything OA does, and more.From what I can see, the problem you have is that the SCHEMAS aren’t as feature-filled as OA’s, but it isn’t hard to code those yourself, or just rip them from it. And if your argument to that is that you don’t want to, then you’re making the mistake, which I guess you’ve already made anyway, of assuming that Tiramisu 2 is trying to compete with OA in being anything other than a BASE.
From the HL2RP schema, barely anything is missing anyway. You could add it all, and more, in a day, and then have all of Tiramisu’s out-the-box features to make yourself that bit better.
OA can’t be made anymore unique than Tiramisu can without Lua. In fact, not even as much. Tiramisu 2 has plenty of in-game and easy-to-use editors to create items, clothing, factions or whatever else. Heck, to add a gun to the schema, just add the SWEP to your garrysmod folder and it automatically makes the item!

OA is like windows. It has a larger gang of generally idiotic people who use it because it looks nice. The downside, is that it is bloated, prone to issues, and difficult to edit. Tiramisu 2 has much more powerful features, is piss-easy to modify and comes packed with lots of cool little features and tweaks. The problem? It doesn’t look as nice. Not as much eye-candy.

Tiramisu 2 is a thousand times easier to modify than Openaura is. That’s a FACT. It’s also easier to run. You put it into your gamemodes folder and that’s you DONE. I honestly don’t understand why Tiramisu 2 hasn’t built up a strong following, because it seems to be exactly what everyone wants. My assumption, then, is that it doesn’t have that following because Tiramisu 1 was unpolished and difficult to appreciate.


I used to play a bit of taco n bana. It’s really serious and can be fun if you’re into it. I get bored of that shit though.

There used to be a server called meteornet roleplay which was a recreation of some gmod 9 gamemode, melonbrew (Might have gotten the names in the wrong order here). I’m not sure if it still exists but it might be what you’re looking for.

There are good DarkRP servers though but they’re hard to find. Stay away from the one with wire and other addons installed, They tend to be build shit and shoot eachother servers where no-one but the admins actually get to build anything.

I’ve found that the OA and Tiramisu servers are pretty much the same shit as DarkRP. They’re different gamemodes but they attract the same people.
If you want a story and a long play, Go for Taco N Banana. If you want something more basic go for the more lightweight gamemodes or simply sandbox. As others said, Set up your own server. There are others like you.

Stop bumping week old threads just to throw in your opinion.