Sick of Rust?

Before Your Read: I know I’m going to get a lot of slurred, un-thought hate. Ex: lol go play Cod you loser lolol. I you have something that actually means something, feel free to leave it below.

Now to the topic, I’ve been playing Rust since July. That is a long time. I’ve clocked over 200+ hours on steam (much more altogether, the game was out 5 months before it was on steam, for those who are new to it.) Waiting for a big content patch, waiting for wipes ect. I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way. However, this isn’t the only thing I’m “Bored” with. It’s Basically a cycle. Farm for stuff, build shack, Get a pistol, Kill people, Upgrade House, get Kevlar. After that The game’s basically over for me. I think the Devs need to add more big, Game Changing content ( I realize it’s in ALPHA, this pertains to the game as a whole, Beta and Full Release. ) Something else I absolutely cannot stand about games like Rust, DayZ and so forth is the lack in Player-Interaction. The only way I’ve seen this successfully done is through STRICT rules, such as DayZ RP. The best Player-Interaction you get in Rust is | You’re gathering wood, it has just become daylight. Suddenly, you hear footsteps behind you. You run away shouting " I’m friendly man, Don’t Shoot!" “BANG”. Then you get the notorious "YOU ARE DEAD"

I’d like to see some improvement ( A lot ) on this matter, I think it would make the game a lot more enjoyable for everyone. But if the Devs fail me that way, I’ll just have to wait for the Community to do so by creating Awesome servers.

Well If you’ve made it this far in the Rant, I’d like to hear your ideas on the matter.


Your goal is to survive- thrive to be the strongest power on the server. People kill to be that power. Difficult to do by yourself, so find teammates. There will be more implementation of stronger wildlife (I’m assuming, based on where the game is going) as well as more PVE/PVP content. Wait for it, because, wait for it (hah)

… it’s ALPHA

I stated that, I’m just stating my thoughts for further development. As the Devs main focus, understandably, is not on that atm.

There are plenty of fun and interesting things to do in Rust, pretty much all of which can be done as a fresh spawn with your junk hanging in the wind and just a rock in your hand.

It just requires some imagination.

As far as player interaction, sure if you’re on some random server and you just walk up to someone like, “Hi! I’m fr-” you’re probably gonna get shot. There are numerous clans/groups that advertise on the forums here, Reddit, Steam discussion, etc. if you’re interested in joining/forming a group.

There are numerous improvements under development for the game but as far as the “community” and other players go, you have to learn how to make your own fun.

If the game is wearing down on you after 200 hours of play…take a break…play another game. I switch up my gaming habits all the time to avoid burnout.

Agree ^

I don’t see what more you can really expect from Rust. Sure some more items and new functions in the game, but these survival games stay relatively the same no matter what phase they are in.

You’ve played game over 200 hours and you play knowing how the game will result cycle. The best thing for you to do is just take a long break. Maybe you should play a different genre game because as of now your little rant seemed to have more personally issues (with the game/genre) than actually issues with the game.

I love survival games, it just well, people. I guess the majority of the people that play these sorts of games have no idea what survival is. it’s not killing everyone that you see, whether a threat or not.

But I guess the devs don’t want to upset the community by implementing the idea of a non-KOS atmosphere.

As I said before, I’ll just have to wait till’ something like DayZ RP comes about…

I’ve been back stabbed one to many times. I trust no one, and its just better to kill then be killed :stuck_out_tongue: Plus sometimes you are defending your resource nodes / grounds. Can’t have every hobo with a rocking trying to mine your resources :stuck_out_tongue: However I have been friendly with folk from time to time, so its situational.

Yup, see:

Done with game play?

Time to farm some glitches.

“If I jump from this rock to that rock and spin around shooting screaming in the mic as a place a foundation on the grass and throw a grenade at the last second before I fall and break my leg. Does it make me run faster for 3 seconds? Nope it didn’t. Let ms try something else.”

Stupid right? Never know though until you try it.

Also make a video of it…

search for exploits,glitches, balancing issues, think about the content already implemented, read in the forum, post your thoughts and just talk with the community <–This should be always the main part in an alpha, not palying the demo in the same way u already had. I spend about 46h ingame, but i read every thread in the suggestion subforum, well it’s nearly the same content, over and over again. BUT i always find some small ideas, hints and crazy stuff people write down. it’s like a gold rush, u spend hours searching for a small golden nugget of brilliance.

Sounds like you are un-happy with your solo play rust experience. I play with a group of friends and 500+ hours since December I have not gotten tired of it or raided once.

Your problem is you play way too much. It’s an alpha and I sure as hell don’t want to get burned out before the game is even officially released.

200 hours is a great amount for 20 bucks. Hell, Most modern non RPGs can be beat in 10-20 hours and they cost 60 bucks. If nothing else, you got your moneys worth, may be time to do something else?

this game is awsome!

Oh to have your life…

or utter lack thereof.

That’s what ratings are for.