Sick of Servers with no or really bad Admins. Looking to Start a real Community and looking for help

Hello All,

Title sort of says it all, I have been on multiple servers where there are either no admins at all or they abuse the powers that you get from the game. I am honestly getting sick of it and there does not seem to be any kind of community feel on any of the servers.

I am here to try change that and would like to feedback / suggestions to kick start it off. I am planning to create a new gaming community not just based on Rust but general gaming. The idea of the community is to allow people to join talk with friends and play with other community members on multiple hosted games that we will provide. There will be a forums as well to allow people to discuss updates / anything else they wish. I plan on bringing back what I knew about 4 years ago when me and a friend started a community called Republic of Gaming were we mainly hosted Multi Theft Auto servers. People back then were respected for admin ranks that they physically had to earn through input in the community / votes and then a application stage + trial.

I have the ability to host Teamspeak on my Dedicated servers as well as many other games that have multiplayer options. I am planning to get a rust server until some sort of server is released for me to host on our hardware.

If you have any ideas about games to host and suggestions or you even want to help out in the project to create a community that will make rust enjoyable for people please contact me as I would appreciate the help / suggestions.

You can contact me by posting below / a PM or by skype gazum123.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Join our server, Active admins, ban all hackers, and admins do not abuse powers for any reason.

We are providing a free 20 slot mumble server to those who play on this server. If you have a clan we will create a private channel for you.

Port: 64778

Wasn’t really looking for spam of other peoples servers


Wanna talk over Teamspeak

The problem is mostly with the community. People are so used with asking admins for everything that its kinda annoying to play on a server where the chat is 24h7 spammed with " ADMIN HELP TELEPORT ME ! " or " ADMIN COME HERE HACKER IN MY HOUSE ! " and when you get there its just one normal guy doing nothing out of the ordinary.

Yeah you are completely right. These are the kind of things I wanted to cut out and make something people enjoy

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Sure want to join mine ?

its up to you my server

Alright see you there !!!

The only problem is as soon as you have to ban someone for hacking, half the server will accuse you of being an abusive admin and leave. I agree about the servers where the admins give themselves and their buddies stuff though. Gives the rest of us a bad rap.

Yeah you are right. The only way around this kind of thing is by active forums. Giving players the ability to request a unban and prove they didn’t hack. When people begin to see some sort of structure with a physical process which is fair I think we can control people “accusing” abuse

I’ve visited about 10 servers so far in rust and all were administrated by (at best) teenagers. I’ve been running servers for all kinds of games for quite some time and we always had that “ban appeal” system you are mentioning in your post. I’d love to host my own Rust server but sadly the server files aren’t public yet(?).

I’m sure once they get released, you will see better servers popping up.


Yep it works like a charm. I have noticed most servers do seem to be run by teenagers. Problem with most games now is there are too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. I am looking to buy hosting for the time being until the server files are released. Once they are I will move to my dedicated servers.

Let me know if your interested in helping out

Personally, I’d like to see a server rating system (up vote, down vote - once per server per account) kind of thing. Though that’s another topic for another time. Hope you manage to put together a decent community.

Pretty good idea. Only issue is once people have a bad experience IE you ban them from hacking the 1st thing they will do is vote you down. I think the best thing is a active community / forums with a good reputation. Will really help to whittle out those who are only interested in ruining the game.

That’s why you should always use admin stuff with fraps on or any other recording tool and record every kind of evidence you can get and post on your youtube channel later. Those kind of actions makes the community believe in your administration.

On that note live streaming as an admin / owner may be a good idea. Players can then see what you are currently doing which would give players confidence in your team.

Have a look at: OZ|PVP|Instacraft|DoorShare|Kits|StartWithGun|Rust++

Really nice server, great admins: IP: net.connect

Thanks for the recommendation but I was really looking more for help starting my own / suggestions and not really joining one. There are many “good” servers around but no real community behind it.

hey, since im new to forums I really, don’t know how to pm. But im looking for the exact same thing as you. please message me on steam or email me. Very serious about getting a strong community with active admins together.

steam- lastserenade


Thanks for the interest. I have added you on steam.