SicknessModel Drivable Vehicle and RP Model Pack. Includes over 35 vehicles!

Title SicknessModel

Welcome to Sickness Model. Sickness model is an extensive pack of drivable cars and props to go with them. As of today there are 55 vehicles in the pack with plans to increase this to over 100. It is an ambitious project but I am known for making things bigger. My goal is to convert or model as many vehicles as I can to make this pack on of the most complete car packs out there. It includes vehicles from GTA4, NFS:HP2, one from stalker and one from COD4. Everything from sedans to supercars and emergency vehicles to trucks and buses.


10/23/2015: **Uploaded to workshop! **


 Camelot: *Some car ports from GTA4.*
MasterChris:* Sounds and vehicle scripting help.*
Broseph_:* Bus textures and EvoCity plate texture.  Criticism and bitching that helped me to make this pack better.*
Kazuo: *New sounds, sound scripts.*
Cookie: *Converting tow truck and the shubert truck.*
GTA4:  *Models*
NFS: *HP2 Models*
COD4: *Models*
Freemann *Lua scripted vehicle stuff(Req.  Master Chris pack for these features!  See below.)*
Me: *Everything not listed above.* 


So what is this pack exactly? *Well it is a pack of mainly drivable vehicles ported from various games and a couple I modeled myself. *

**I can’t use SVN! I can’t get it to work! I can’t use google to find the answer to this problem because I am lazy.**I won’t help you the answer is out there. It isn’t hard figure it out.

Is there more than one color? *Yes! Use skin tool, skinswitcher, or ent_fire !picker skin #. Some props have more than one skin as well.
The trailers sag when I put stuff in them! Why? Get weight stool. Change the weight of wheels and trailer body. Making the wheels between 700 and 1500 usually does good, also helps the trailers track better. Make the body around 4000. Don’t worry that much about how heavy the truck will be because the phantom in this pack is capable of hauling 50K+ up a hill.

Will this pack ever be available to download in one big file rather than svn? Probably not until it is completely done and knowing me that will be never. Sorry. I don’t want compatibility conflicts from people having an older version of the pack so that is why I use svn.

List of vehicles currently in the pack.

360 Spyder
911 Turbo
Diablo 6.0VT
Ferrari F50
Cod4 Bus
Police Cruiser
PMP 600
Police Stockade
Hummer H2
Lincoln MK4
Zil 130
International 2674 Flatbed
Lotus Elise
Super Diamond
Fixed Stockade
Shubert truck and plow version
Sultan RS
Tow Truck
Romero Hearse


Install instructions and Download

Okay now for the fun part. The download. Simple SVN. Make a folder in your addons called SicknessModel, right click, select svn checkout, put in bottom url and bam checkout.

Some notes before downloading. Do not distribute this content anywhere. Do not steal it. If you use this pack on your server you may not only use parts it has to be all or nothing. Why? Compatibility conflicts will happen. I also don’t like people taking credit for my hard work. **However you MAY use any models or content in this pack in any map you may be working on, all I ask is that you credit me for them. **

I counted. It has 38 vehicles.

I was actually just playing with these in gmod, so bug reporting time. On the Evocity bus, the leather handles show through the side windows no matter what. In the GTA bus, you can’t stand up (you have to walk around in crouch :v:) The truck loses control on turbo if it doesn’t have a trailer. The trailers bounce and sometimes come unhooked from the truck (MasterChris’ method of making them vehicles seems to work pretty well, maybe you could give that a try?). The armored car is solid black.

Overall these are fun as hell to play with as most of the bugs are slight cosmetic issues and they definitely give me something else to cruise around in besides the HL2 buggy and airboat.

Holy shit, that’ fucking awesome.
Definetly DLing

Any mirrors?

What vehicals don’t appear purple and black out side of EvoCityV2?

All of the vehicles’ skins are included.

Most of the props do, however.

any downloads (filefront or …)?

My god you fuckers can’t read. It’s SVN or nothing right now…

Can you include a Taxi into this pack? (Declasee version)

I will add it to my todo list. My ms3d got deleted so now I have to go reinstall it and get the mod tools I need.

Will you be porting anything from the Liberty City stories? (The Lost and Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony)

Liberty City stories is psp and ps2 only.
You are thinking of Episodes from Liberty City. I was actually planning on porting some of the vehicles once it was released, assuming OpenIv or SparkIV works with them (The tools don’t work with the new GTA IV patch that just came out)

do we need anything for it to work?

Buy me EFLC and I’ll port you a bunch of models :v:

These cars is awesome

its ok srry i just want a police car and more vehicles because is very terrible o_O :stuck_out_tongue: xD :slight_smile:

I’m going to do it first :v:

Well if someone can port the fuckers I will rig them. Well I mainly just want to do the tow truck.

Funny that, thats what i wanted too…

It really bugs me that when you look up in the stallion (1st peson view) your head/camera clips/looks through the roof. Can you fix this? :v: