Side braid hairstyle

Hi guys

Normally I don’t do requests, especially one so simple as this, but I’m having trouble finding a side braid hairstyle that I could use for a current project of mine. I very much so want one pretty much like the one in this article

I’ve found one which is from a Elsa frozen model, but the textures/mesh isn’t very good.

If anyone has any ideas, id love to see them. Also, I’d like to rip that one from aion, but apparenty it’s only available in the Korean client

You should look at the hairstyles Moogle Outfitters have ported over on Deviantart. They have tons, and they’re high quality.

Thank you for the suggestion. I had a look at there was nothing that really took my fancy. I see a lot of sims hairstyles, which tends to do a lot of long, individual mesh strands/parts, which to me gives it a very plasticky, unrealistic look. I think it looks great when you have flowing, loose hair, but when it’s in a braided style, it looks weird, so I generally like a solid mesh with transparency strands added to it…

If any of that makes sense lol.

do you have any experience texturing? you could probably drop a higher res hair texture (like from a photo or made in ps) onto an existing model and have something decent.

I certainly can texture, I was moreso just looking for a complete mesh and texture.

Yeah, I actually agree about the style of those hairs. They are lovely, but generally too ‘fine’ for what I would need. Wasn’t sure what your preference was, so I recommended them. :slight_smile:

You know, what might be more up your alley… there’s a Skyrim mod, by Apachii, that has like 75+ hair meshes. They’re much grittier and less pretty than the Moogle Outfitters one, look much more practical. You’ll need to be able to import .NIF files though.

that’s easy. nif tools has been out for a long time in different forms.