Side-ways Finger Posing...

Is there anyway to fix it? When I say sideways, I mean when I pull the blue constrained sliders on the finger poser, the fingers on the model go to the side…

Click the “Restrict Axis” (or similar) button in the menu. Should let you bend them in the way that moves them correctly.

Not really, Cannot seem to get them to move down… I’m talking about in the modeling program so that it isn’t an issue in game

I usually rotate the finger bones before compiling if I have this issue. Sort of a trial and error thing.

It’s a common issue with mass effect problems. It’s due to the way the bones are oriented. What you have to do is rerig the fingers with correctly placed bones.

To illustrate

YOu can add $realignbones to the QC to slightly fix the problem, but not perfectly.

I hate how decompiling hl2 models also requires you RERIG and re-weightmap the models. What the fuck, it pisses me off.

Uh…it doesn’t The only models that break with decompiling is bloodlines models as far as I know. Everything else seems fine.

Not even so much. Bloodlines models lose flex data, but that’s about it. They perfectly retain weighting.

Must be some newer version of the decompiler I guess.Last time I tried decompiling a model it lost the skeleton (might just be for models with the jiggle bones though)

VTMB doesn’t have jigglebone, it actually has real-time physics for cloth and hair. These features are not featured by the Valve version of the source engine, and thus are not weighted properly when you decompile them.

Great, they fingers are fixed… but now the eyes are screwed up :smith:

Ah that might explain why the dress don’t clip. I was assuming it was some weird jigglebone>phys setup to be honest.

And Korro how are the eyes screwed up?

They are white, I found that playing around with the eye-bone and location produces semi-fixed results… but if the eye looks to far to any side, the pupil appears again underneath…