SideBurst - The Laughter-Based gamemode

In my idea-book lies a potentially amazing gamemode, a gamemode in which the player adapts their microphone talk to the changing environment. All of the environmental changes would be edited into the map, and there would be multiple interactive objects placed around the scene.
For instance, there is a kitchen with a usable chair and a set of usable cups. The map has randomized the scene to include a(n) (object here) on the kitchen counter, and a puddle of (liquid here) under the table.
The players would then have twenty seconds to formulate a decision on what they will present to the non-acting players who would be spectating a camera slowly revolving the scene.

the 5 second countdown initiates, and then it’s time to act:

Player1: Son, my anus prolapsed this morning.[/ul]
[ul]Player2: Ditchoo call a doctah mon?[/ul]
[ul]**Player1:**You see son… etc.[/ul]

Additionally, each map will include multiple scene areas that are randomized upon the completion of a previous scene.

There will be a Burst-O-Meter at the bottom of the spectators’ screens that allows them to rate the scene from 1 to 10.

Scenes with ratings of or over 7 will be saved onto the server in custom demo files and saved for playback.
(There will be a vote at the start to playback or to make a new scene.)

This gamemode is currently in development (and I can create most of the assets), but everything goes faster with a bit of help!

If you would like to give me a hand with some of the coding or have any suggestions, drop a post below.

So we’ll be using the mic to play this? like voice recognition, or something alot more basic? Either way it sounds…well it sounds weird. But the good kind of weird.

so the “acting players” would have to use the mictophone to play the game, but what if they dont want to?

So… It’s basically improv. in a video game.

Okay, but keep it basic. :slight_smile:

If they don’t want to play then they shouldn’t join the gamemode.

Though, I suppose I can add a little checkbox on spawn that allows you to opt out of speaking.

Yes, and no the spectating players will be able to rate the ongoing performance.

Well, a lot of people don’t even have mics. And I have a feeling that a bunch of 9-12 year olds will join servers using this and ruin it with them yelling in their mics and constantly making fart jokes…

Uhm, 90% of GMod?

Um, Do you have to use your Mic? I don’t have one but I would like to play this. Could you use chat?

I can only imagine the 9-12 year olds blurting out dumb meme jokes and winning :frown:

Which is exactly the problem with this gamemode, GMod’s general demographic is not very funny. Sure you’d get some great people playing, but this gamemode COMPLETELY relies on the ability of the community to deliver, which probably won’t happen.

This would be freaking sweet.I don’t really think that it will be as infected with immature jokes as everyone else is predicting.

I think that the gamemode would be awesome if it had a larger chance of choosing you if you had a higher average rating on all the skits you were in.

Improv in gmod? This sounds great.

I’ll come up with some sort of concept art for you!

This would be amazing, it would need alot of supervising though as mic spammers will enjoy this gamemode.

Make a pun gamemode and I would win hands down.

I get threatened with death almost daily (in real life and online) due to the excess of puns I make.


Pretty simple. Just have people who repeatedly get low scores be kicked or banned.

this isn’t really a gamemode, it’s just a concept that can be applied in any situation. go in sandbox, pick at random 3 props from the spawn menu. Spawn them and act out a scene with your friend. There is no script governing any of it (and to be honest i doubt there is a good way to do so).

You could say the same thing of about 90% of gamemodes.

not really. other gamemodes require rules in order to be fair. Like a deathmatch gamemode. You can’t play a deathmatch gamemode without a way to keep track of scores.

There isn’t a way to keep track of scores in this gamemode because there really isn’t a clear way to “win”. There isn’t an algorithm that can tell you if someone is doing a good job of their improv. It’s all subjective.

Normally no, you wouldn’t be able to measure people’s laughter. I guess you could kind of cheat a scale by giving players the ability to give each scene they see, a score. Something like 1-10, not funny to most funny.

I would love to see this gamemode done.

I’d love to help by being a beta participant, or making some interesting posters once you have a finite game plan hammered out.