Sie sind hinter uns!

Ho hai,I’m Doktor zACBRu, I’m 21, I’m french, I’m Bliblix padawan, and THIS is the first screenshots I post on Facepunch, enjoy! :3

Yes, this is US Crysis marines from WW2 : Giv’em hell boys! B)

Best first picture posted ever, hands down.

They look fucking badass, great posing and angle.

Your Bliblix/Headshotters padawan? Cool

Come in in boy and have a cigar you’re gonna go far

you’re never gonna die you’re gonna make it if you try booooyyy

This is amazing. Capital job, chap!

Pretty good! Made me lol pretty hard too. Posing seems good, but the picture as a whole looks a little too blurry for my taste.

Oh, welcome to FacePunch!

Sorry, I luv blur :3

Oh by the way, what the hell does “Sie sind hinter uns!” means?

“They are behind us”, in german :wink:

They are behind us.


Gimme clocks.


Looks nice btw.

Biblix padawan… Uh oh. Bonsoir monsieur je voudrais un demi-litre de bière siouplé.

At last! A 10’er thats good.

Love the picture.

Acccch un autre francais! Bienfenue mon enfant, bienfenue… Je connais très bien bliblix aussi :wink:

Nice screenshot you got there, although it’s a bit, uh, incoherent. Needs some editing too… I guess i’ll try to edit it.

Dayuuuum… Beautiful first pic.
The Crysis guys with WWII helmets made me laugh.

What’s with all this “americuhns pwning terrorists/germans” thing? seriously, it’s getting fucking dull and boring.

Let the Germans fucking massacre the poor allied soldiers like they really did

This is the most crappy thing I’ve ever seen. You being my padawan is kind of… shameful.


Oh wait, everybody loves your picture. OH GOD COME AND HUG ME PANADAWAN!

like this one? :3

no hug without donation.