Siege of the Bronze City

No music for you.

Full size.

tonight we dine in Oblivion

takes of sunglasses
Mother of god…that’s perfect!

The lighting seems kind of dull to me, but this scene is just magnificent.

Great job!

Oh and mess around with the ragdolls a bit because it’s slightly noticeable that they’re dupes.

Like this alot, only complaint i have is the aforementioned lighting. Nice work AFO!

Not often I like war poses, but this is rather well done. Good work:eng101:

I only duped about half of the troops, even then i went in and changed up positions of limbs, feet, swords, shields, etc. I guess I didn’t make that noticeable enough.

ah yes bronze, the hardest metal known to man!

pretty good job here though

Some music I found appropriate.

Where did you get the models? I’ll love you forever if you tell me.


Just tell me.[/SUP]

I think they are just the argonians or kahjiits without tails and helmets on.

Argonians with shrunken heads under helmets and their tails tucked behind them.

we REALLY need to get normal humans in Skyrim’s armor.