Siege weapons

c4 and rockets are fun and all but they really lack the pizzaz of siege weapons here are some of my ideas.

  1. trebuchet, this could be an starter siege weapon it can equip various types of ammo ranging from basic stones to exploding fragmentation rounds. its counterpart is the howtizer and mortar

2.siege cannon If you have an massive amount of gunpowder your not using you can use it to fire this huge cannon. It would be loud and unruly meaning in an night raid will your preparing your probably don’t want fire it since it will alert the defenders of your position immediately.

  1. rocket battery. The rocket battery would be able to send an volley of rockets in quick succession meaning that for every one you would reload with an regular rocket. The battery would have sent out 6.

at this point the weapons are salvaged ww1 and ww2 relics

  1. Howitzer. The howitzer will be an old salvaged military gun from around the ww1 and ww2 era.It can fire an variety of shells and has an decent range(strictly line of sight)

5.Large mortar:another ww1 era weapon it can fire shells at an much steeper angle allowing it to hit bases hidden behind rocks and such

6.drill this would be an large noisy tool but if used correctly can easily defeat high external stone walls in only 1 to 2 mins the noise would alert the defenders that an drill is being turned on and gives them an chance to go destroy it before it completely drills through the walls

targeting gps this is more of a tool to help howitzers and mortars target enemies. An spotter can go over and right down were the base is that your attacking on the gps and when your firing you can simply just target where the base is and fire.

i feel like most of these would be pretty op but a fun to use

How would you implement these? Would they be a deployable you build in your inventory like automated quarries, or a blueprint you need to piece together in a system like structures? Would they be mobile or stationary?

Something to consider as well: raiding isn’t that difficult right now. Those that choose to have a challenging raid will do it while the defenders are online, but the most efficient raids happen when there are no defenders. With this in mind, the amount of resources needed to make these weapons, the time to craft them, and the amount of damage they do to structures all need to be balanced against c4, rockets, and pick axes.

My thinking to balance that out is that you need to setup an siege works or siege station were the construction of these massive weapons would take place.And I was thinking of an reinforced concrete tier to make c4 raiding and rockets a lot harder to use

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Yeah but the balancing would be a HUGE amount of resources used so they would be rarely used way to raid but if you know the base your raiding makes the amount of resources used worth it. Then go for it