made one similar to this a bit ago and posted in the ‘want to post a picture’ thread but heres link to it anyway

That style is absolutely awesome.

Fantastic work. Simply fantastic.


I was wondering how you did the insides of the building. You might have just gave me an idea.

Once again, that’s some great stuff, dude.

There’s a specific art term for what you’ve done - atmospheric perspective. This is also the main reason people should always use fog in their screenshots.

Awesome stuff, and definitely unique to the section. Did you divide distances of elements into categories/layers?

That’s really good, might give a try myself.

Holy fuck, this is great. Stuff like this is why I keep coming back here every day even though I don’t make stuff anymore. It’s amazing to see people doing new things with gmod screenshots almost a decade later.

Reminds me of “This War is Mine”.

thanks and yeah sorta, i wanted to make some stuff stand out more than other in the buildings yeah by just making it closer / further away

e.g. the lower monitors i wanted a bit darker to look a bit more like the upper ones but still slightly lighter at the same time to show they further away so they are placed inbetween the upper monitors and the desc’s they look like they are placed on