Sig P228 (First All Out Model)

This is my first model I plan to complete then import into source. It’s untextured for now, just base colours. The pictures are renders, so some parts are smoothed.
How can I improve this?

I plan on adding a bullet in the chamber too :smiley:

In case anyone was wondering I’m using a modeling program called LightWave.

Coo’ model.

remove that huge block at the slide on the empty ones.

Is the trigger guard that narrow on the real gun as well or should it be wider? Possibly make the back (and perhaps the front too) of the handle more rounded.

Is it me, or is handle smoothing kinda kinky?

The handle looks really long

Edja’s right; you should redo the handle topology to get rid of that strange smoothing. Also, don’t present your renders with a black background- use gray or white. Rendering > Environment if you’re using Max or just press the “8” to bring it up.

I was working off of this picture and others

And the handle looks a little weird because of triangulation >.>
I’ll do a quick render without smoothing

you should work it out to where the handle doesnt look weird with triangulation

wireframe shot?

I fixed it
Just trying to UV map it now

wish i could model =’( if i could i would make a Trench gun true to dod, But i can D:, anyway, it looks great.

It’s just me, but I think it might work better with just the standard grip, not the rubberized/ergonomic one that you’ve got on there right now.