*Sigh* - 100'th comic

So after a few years… Something like two years break from kaing comics i’ve decided to come back and try it on once again. For the first time in a long ass time i had fun while making this short comic. Sigh will be a short comic strip series i will be working on and they have no major plot. I hope you do enjoy the comic, please comment and tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Sigh - 100’th comic! (click the picture to view the comic)

I love this. Why a guitar though?

How DARE you?!
It’s a bass!!

haha :slight_smile:
I chose a bass because i am a basist IRL, so… yeah :)!

It was a firebird, so it was like he was burning him with fire, smacking him with a blunt object, and flipping him the bird all in one.

Agreed! He was not worthy to be smacked by my almighty warwick bass!

Sigh. Bad Divided, bad.

Ring of rust, eh? =) Nice to see ya again :smiley:

Good god man, you’re back again? You’ve come back and quit like 35896986963539569 times now!

Haha, good point there :)! I guess i just come and go :smiley:

You forgot to untie your rubberband to FP Div.

And interesting comic right there, everyone making comic like him should get bassed.

that totaly needs to be done to people who post crap like that i agree with you devided

Thank you Aeon :slight_smile: It is sure nice to see a familiar face around here :smiley: (PS: no need for rubberband untiing for me, my “era” is totally dead =D haha xD )

The sigh comic series wont just be about bitchin’ and all that. They will be short comic scetches and i for once look forward to making more in the future, i just need to find some good skins etc, etc. so it’s soon time to lurk garrysmod.org :)!

haha, nah :)! I wouldn’t say whack them like a maniac with a eagle bass. I’d say if you wanna do it right tou grab a stone hammer :)!

It’s a base guitar. Don’t hit me for it. Anyway, nice comic, you really captured what a minge comic would be like.

Thank you!

I… I had to bury a hole in my head and find my past and see how i used to make comics back in 05… It was so… so hard to se ehow i used to be… sobs

haha :)!

I laughed :slight_smile:

Kind of boring until the last part, the very last pic was a bit of the humor I like.

Faceposing was scaaary.
And good to have you back ol’ pal.

Cheers :slight_smile:

On no. Divided is a Facepunch Crusader.

Great comic man, and yes it has been a while since the last (This is my alt)

Also link to the firebird please :smiley: I am also a bassist and would like that and any other instrument models you know of!