Sighing on US Central 3

Welp. Our group has spent the last two weeks on US Central 3 building a pretty decent sized metal base. DL had raided us last week and we were slaughtered. Well now, we just got suicide hacked 3-5 times a piece while the DL clan came in and C4’d part of the way through it. Even crouching didn’t help. We heard them on voice. The brief seconds we ressed we saw at least one DL player name. Of course, they said they don’t hack, they just have friends who hack, so perhaps that alt account will get banned and the rest will just go on trucking.

In any event, I’m done playing at least the official servers for awhile. Too bad because I do like this game.


Not that it means much, but we did absolutely own your face 5v9 2-3 nights ago, at your house, as we raided it.

I do wish the hacks would go away.

Well, we thought that raid 2-3 nights ago was legit though it seemed Nublit was invincible.

Whatever happened tonight wasn’t legit.

Still don’t understand what makes people play on the official servers… i didn’t even start day 1 on the official servers.

Official servers have the population plus they don’t have silly special rules or mods, like reduced crafting times and the like. I tried moving to community servers but often resources are way too abundant when managing scarcity is what makes survival games fun for me.

There are quite a few community servers with populations higher than the official ones. They also have active admins.