Sign in is now via your Steam Account


Sounds like a good idea.

I like it!

Seems good to me. I just wasn’t used to it at first when I saw the URL mentioning my steam account :V

I just got banned by logging in using my steam account.

This is the second time within 3 days. I would NOT like to be banned anymore. My uploads include not that of Porn or Tags or Ill mannered shit. WHat the hell :[ Lol. Please help me Garry, I would like to be UNBANNED.

Have you been VAC banned or do you not own Garry’s Mod?

I have never been VAC banned and I do own Garry’s Mod lol. It’s just the second time it has happened it two days with no provocation. I don’t mean to bitch and moan and complain. But seriously. My Metallica PhysGun skin has 115 downloads in less than twenty four hours :[ What am I doing wrong :[ ;]

I clear all my cookies and shit, but still get banned when I “Sign In” to my account. Shiiitttt :[

Seems much better and easier then the old verification system.

Well it’s a smart idea, it just blows that I get banned so easily for nothing :[ Lol.

No-one gets banned for nothing

Looking forward to the new wave of pirates registering



I don’t mean to insult the King himself, but I did.

Check out my profile or what have you. Nothing on there remotely bad yet I have been banned twice :[

Again, I am not trying to act like a whiny little bitch about this, I am just saying it blows.

Your Steam profile does not exist.

Also, beautiful idea garry.

Thank you Valve, for giving out the OpenID deal.

My steam profile is:

It was changed a long time ago :[

How do we know this isn’t a trick eh.

Well, you have Garry’s Mod and you’re not VAC banned.

I dunno where to go from here. Take it garry.


A trick? How?

MrOpti isn’t banned?


Yep, it’s strange. A phenomenon perhaps?


Yet when I register with my Steam account it gives me the almighty “Banned” screen :[

There are 3 reasons why I am banned.

I have yet to fuck them rules up :]

It doesn’t show it on his profile.