Sign the petition to help the mapping forum!

So, You may have seen my kind of ‘ranting’ around the mapping forum for a couple weeks now, if you have it is because I am tired of seeing help threads being posted about the stupidest things I am writing this because I am tired of seeing all of this, so i am proposing we sign this petition and get tons of signatures to prove to Garry how much we actually need a new sub-forum for all the garbage help threads that are here.


water hazzard texture?
lighting help
The “My map rocks!” thread. (Not help but seriously?)


I want this to now be something for people to post their suggestions in on how we can maybe stop some of these threads that don’t really deserve an entire thread from being created.

How would a petition stop noobs posting? This section is partially for help anyway.

Yes, but I am talking about making a sub-forum like the requests section or the release section.

The idea is great, but people have a terrible habit of completely missing sub-forums. You’d be better off making a sub-forum for non-noob posts.

Stupid help threads? Everyone has to start off somewhere, and in my opinion this is the best place to find answers. I know if I can’t figure out something after looking around I’ll go right here and make a thread asking about it. I make the threads because they’re visible to everyone instantly instead of wading through a messy question thread.

There will always be these kinds of questions. Deal with it.

Exactly! There will always be these threads! But why! do they have to be on the front page! that clutter it up crazy! How many maps that are half decent, have slid to the second page and disappeared for ever? Yes I agree everyone starts off some where, I am not saying LETS NOT HELP ANYONE! read the thread, I am trying to make a sub-forum that people can post all those 1 post help threads that won’t clutter the first page of the mapping section.

They will still be visable to everyone just anyone who wants to help can go to the mapping help section and help you all out there.

If people miss the section, ban for an hour or so, if they keep going, longer and longer bans…

Making a sub-thread for “This is my first map lol” for all the fullbright, first map stuff would be good.
But the main section serves fine for help threads.

I don’t think so, because they clutter it a ton! Actually half decent maps fall to the endless pages of eternity and are never brought back. Reason I am starting to hate all these help! threads are because it’s either looking for a texture or a stupid help for a door… that require a ONE post max thing, and for some odd reason they can sit on the front page for weeks at a time. Sure the help! threads that are actually decent, that a person actually has a hard time learning like in depth triggers or something sure, front page. But look at my examples.

“Noob Mapping: Post here for beginner questions and everything that Google could answer. Also, post your first maps here and anything that’s fullbright. Don’t know what fullbright is? Post it here.”

That’s my summary of what you sub-forum could/should be.

It works far better when they’re joined with the rest of the threads, because you have no choice but to see them. If the maps are decent, the thread authors can bump them with new content, otherwise it’s their fault if they fail to update it and it ends up in the archive.

Kind of… thing is people won’t know what a legit question is and what a non-legit isn’t, so why not send all the help threads into their own little sub-forum where anyone can go help and go down the list helping each person out at a time.

But at least people can look on front page and see something other then HELP! and if they are on the front page people can view them, post something and hopefully the guy will (if it is dead) start working on it again instead of an old 5 year thread from page 523 it’s near the front where it might be getting posted on a whole bunch more then it ever would on page 523.

Also what about the people who don’t want to see them? Or some kind of mod team from moddb are scouring the forums for some good mappers? they won’t want to search into the 500 pages to find maps. So the people who want to help can go help and the people who just want to post a W.I.P thread that is half decent, and doesn’t require the help of the map pimpage thread any more they get their own thread on front page where it actually stays a while instead of being pushed down to the second page by the end 3 days or so by all the help threads.

Also, going to bed for the night. I will answer what I can in the morning.

lua coding section has a newbie questions sub forum
mapping should too

What? I couldn’t understand your point through the massive run-on sentence you posted. My point still stands: If the author is actively working on it, it’ll be bumped accordingly.

Yeah okay, look at all the threads that have gone unanswered, as well as the Garry’s Mod help section.

From what i see tons of the questions are answered, and if you don’t get an answer it means try it yourself again and maybe you can get it. If not post another, since it is the help section.

Is completely true.

look at all actual lua codes that are on the front page, sure there are a few question threads and a few help! threads. I would rather see a bunch more actual maps on the front page then a wasteland of help! Just like in the lua section they have a whole bunch more actual lua things then help! threads.

If you don’t get an answer it means the process is broken. If you can’t get help in a help section, something is wrong. If they don’t get an answer in a help section, the questions will simply return back here. Either that, or they’ll just say “No one really checks the help section so I figured I’d ask here.”

Sure it’s slightly irritating when players are asking the most basic of questions, but they’ve taken off and gotten far better after talking with the members here. You seem to be the only one who’s really bothered by it. Have some patience; if their questions really bother you, take a break from here so you don’t have to get up in arms against people that are willing to learn.

I am not the only one… I have even talked to terrenteller and metallics, they both have the same view, that it is cluttered a hole buttload but they try to keep the friendly/open environment in the mapping section.

Also just because a thread got moved into the HELP! If you can’t get help in a help section it means that either people don’t understand your question or they think that it should really be self explanatory and you should figure it out on your own, or I am just to lazy right now to respond so just wait until someone does.

Sure people will come back into the main place it will happen in every place, but there will only be a few! A FEW! not a whole stream of them running down the first page.

Also, I don’t see to many people agreeing with you? You seem to be the only one fighting your opinion… When at least if people don’t like my idea they suggest there own that still solves the problem(to an extent).

I’m not concerned with other people not agreeing with me. I wasn’t aware the mapping forum was suddenly a popularity contest based on opinions. I suppose the fact that it’s almost 3:30 am CST on a school night factors in as well.

Once again, if the question is not answered or people are “too lazy to respond” then the system that’s set up is broken. Questions merged in with the rest of the threads here get the proper attention they deserve, as they are more important than having to click into another subsection. I’d be in complete support of a FAQ thread that immediately answers the simplest of questions, but questions and calls for some mapping help get top priority.

If new people routinely miss the help thread (with a yellow highlight), then how are they goign to notice a sub-forum. They also routinely miss the releases thread as well, so it’s not just a case of us needing a sub-forum.

Well, I’ll sign. I’m also fed up with all the question threads on the front page. I hate having to sift through millions of “MY MAP IS REALLY DARK! OMGWTFBBQ” threads to find the decent maps.

If we have a sub-forum for Questions and things it means we have another reason to ban people for posting questions in the main forum. Alternative is making a sub-forum for “Work In Progress” so that all the actual maps can go there and leave the questions and mapping related chatter in the main forum.

Count me in.

Problem with a WIP section is that it will then be flooded with the “I just downloaded SDK and am making a map of the world” threads.