Sign up comic. Chapter 1

This is a sign up comic from Gmodnation.
I got the characters from there and I just thought I’d put it here for some C&C procedures.
Oh and the change of shirts is my bad :smiley: Didn’t notice…

I think the biggest problem is Posin P:
Right CLick>Open image

Hope you enjoyed it!

Dont forget to comment and Give me sum C&C. I promise not to get angry :smiley:

I like it when every frame has different pose. It improves comic’s quality a lot. Nice work!

Story goes a little fast don’t you think? Someone who was asleep wouldn’t faint about five minutes after waking up and banging against a door.


Two couches?

Hah… Even though I didnt get what you meant by that for some reason it made me chuckle…

Care to explain?

I honestly thought Gordon was gonna kiss him at the end…

Lol? But the comic, I think they should have taken the shovel.

@ golden spoon

So that wasn’t sarcasm?? :confused:

I thought this comic was kind of boring to be exact. Not enough or at ALL any suspense or action.
Hopefully part 2 shall come out at least 4x better :slight_smile:


That probably was too much wasnt it? :I