Hey guys,

I thought it might be cool if you could maybe loot or craft signage like: Stay Away, Keep moving, Intruders will be shot, Warning: TRAPS, etc.
This way you can make it clear you do not want people snooping around, or perhaps that you do.

Personally I notice a lot of people trying to break my metal doors or wooden walls with a stone. they actually believe I have valuables inside, while all I do is gather wood to build the next wall, and some metal for its door.
My home is always completely clear of weapons or valuable resources to troll the people who come knocking with c4. And trust me they are mad when they realize that all i have are empty crate with the rock you spawn with.

Still. The point is, I don’t want anyone snooping around while I build my walls. And people who come knocking asking if they may have some supplies would be better off moving on. I’d like signs for that.
And I believe it would add a lot of flavor to the game :wink:


Just another gamer