Useful to setp up near crates to see whats in there or to mark important ways and cardinal points.

Version 2

“Thanks for the stuff, chumps!”

I wanna put them marking KOS boundaries for people. hehe

Very nice. How would the text be implemented?

  1. using an item to write?
  2. simply click and type, appears as text on the board
  3. click, open a small window that displays the writing

I have been hoping for something like his for a while now.

I would think for setting/viewing text, just click and hold E which would then give the option to read or write if your the owner of it.

These signs could be used for various things, such as Dionysus said lol. Or as a scout, you could mark a building and identify it (when your searching out your enemies). Or if on a friendly’er server, you can mark your own house so friends don’t raid you, lol (not likely).

With my base designs having every room looking exactly the same and having things scattered all to hell and back, having a sign on the wall to remind you what floor/room your in would be awesome.
sign Room A/5
or something like that
ooh ooh ooh, or better yet
sign Weapons Cache
. . . . lol aka The Dummy Room :stuck_out_tongue:

Admins could probably figure out various things to use them with “events” and such.

Think I would also love to see more than this, lanterns that you could hang from the wall to light parts of your home. lantern + low grade fuel = slow burning/long lasting light in your home at night.

I think you should be able to simply click on the sign and write, but the writing effect should be looking like the writing is ingraved with a rock.

I’m looking forward to seeing “XYZ is HACKING!!” signs all over the place.

This would come in very handy, I agree!
Easier to organise everything & threaten people using signs :wink:


If they were implemented, ensure that they can only be spawned at certain points etc.
They obviously would require many resource to create so this will create a big issue if they aren’t restricted.

People will flood the whole ‘road/path’ with signs and it’ll look a trash pit.

Maybe the best way to be sure that these signages dont get abused is by require a foundation under it. So people couldnt place them on the road, and i dont think that they just will place foundations because of these signages…