<:: Signal Lost For...::>

** Note:Please provide helpful feedback on how I may improve. Tips and Tricks would be helpful aswell. Also, I have gone over the Tutorial Sticky several times… so please dont say “refer to that you dumbo”. **

*I always had a feeling 234 knew he was going to be deserviced, I just didnt realize how far he would go to avoid it. *


  • Image Captured from Drone, Unit 234 found. *

Notice… I now offically fail at tags. 3;

What the fuck am I reading?
and image tags use “[” and “]” and you left a space in the tags



Use the brackets instead of parentheses for BBCode.

It is not () dude.


Castro and Lunik ninjas :saddowns:

Haha, fail is win! :smiley:

Damnit… I failed hard.
I still cant get the IMG Tags to work…

The scene is extremely bland, dead ragdol tossed onto the floor with little to no explanation as how the CP gets killed in a snowy forest (bullet wound?) a camera filter COULD have made the screenshot better, but you really need to improve the graphics.

I was messing with adding a blood spill, but I just couldnt get it right. I do realize the scene is bland, will work on that. And for reference, I cant really edit too too well… or at all. Thank you for your feedback though.

You need to add more than just a CP laying down man, the scenes not just looks bland but really empty and boring.

Try adding a weapon near him, some crashed vehicles, like showing he was in a convoy or something, use your imagination.

Also, if you feel your picture is a bit empty, try using Super DoF to focus on the main attraction of the picture, that will distract the view from the empty space.

Turn your graphics up, and edit the picture with a good program. I use gimp. Free and really easy. Other than that, it’s a good start.




Work alot on your posing before start thinking of editing.

I actually use GIMP. 3;

Then use it! Go look up some basic tuts on the interwebz. It’s really easy if you can understand a few basic things for it.
Also, I forgot to add this in the last post: Work on your posing. The screenshot can get really bland really fast if your posing isn’t good.

Gothca you… I actually even used GIMP in this Pic. And I think my next release shall be posed a tad bit better. :D!

kewl. I would love to see your improvements :smiley:

Just released! :smiley:




Capitalize it.;

Thank you, stored for future reference.

That is awsome. Good job, but a little editing may be necessary.