Signaling Other bandits

Mandatory thread music.

Inspired by some of Exorades work
comment would be nice, you dirty lady-bitches

Pretty cool.

I like this a lot! Where did you find that mech model it looks very interesting.

it was a mix of FME models and DOW2 models, i just used he inflator tool

Wow. Fantastic bro. I love it.

I like it, its a fresh concept with a beatiful execution. Good work!

crazy cool work

Thanks you guys.

It’s awesome, what parts did you use aside the truck?

That’s a cool mech.

the turret was one of the WOTS tanks main guns, and the other mechanics was random HL2ep 2 mining props and the radio is from codwaw

OP did you recently see Real Steel?

no why?

Those pilots guys. Where can I get those models?

its COD black ops vietnamese guy , then used infaltor and HL2 heads with CODWAW head props

Oh. Okay, thanks for letting me know.

The music fits well, the picture itself is… mind blowing.

Well done. Keep 'em coming.

This is fucking outstanding

I spot some clipping issues.

As for me smoke is too dark and sharp, but all the rest is awesome.