Signals help

I’m not that good with relays/logics, so does anyone know how to make street signals like in evocity2?

With red, yellow, green (of course) and walk, don’t walk.

could someone link/tell me on how to make one or can someone send me a prefab of one?

I tried to make one and it fucked up.

There are many simple ways to do it if you’re not very clever with logical entities. Virtually any entity that fires an output could be used to set it up. You could even use a series of doors or buttons that automatically cycle their outputs based on a timed schedule.

Ive known for some people to just use animated textures. Cuts down on processing. Though unless you can do it well, it looks pretty bad :confused:

So yea, like Tanner said. Best way is to just mess around and see what works. You just might surprise yourself :slight_smile:

It’s just logic_timers that trigger sprites to toggle in a timed sequence.

How do you want it. A timed sequence, a sequence that activates once a certain number of cars have passed, or one that activates when a user presses a button?

I want one that starts upon the map being started, i think i found a fix but not sure