Signs Anyone?!?

Hey guys, So I think it would be really cool if we could get signs in the game that we can place on walls or on the ground (like MC) so we can label houses, storage bins, etc. Anyway I think signs would be cool. :rock:

yea you would think with an item like paper we could write something on it

Right?!? I think that it’d be cool to use wood though and use charcoal or something to write on it with. And I think that the font they should use should be aggressive.

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I wish I could find a picture of what I’m talking about :confused:

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Like that type of font but black so it looks primitive

Solid idea… or maybe it can bring up an “art” tab and you can simply draw your own label/art with the charcoal or engrave the wood with a pick axe or something. Would be interesting.

Yeah that’d be awesome! I just hope someone actually reads this and implements it! :3

why not go further and allow multiple colors, could give us a bunch of new resource options to do dyes for identification and stuff

Signs was a terrible movie.

Signs would be great. I’m so tired of looking through dozens of boxes because I can’t remember where the item I want is.

I was thinking about this very thing last night. Personally I wish there was a way to leave yourself little breadcrumbs too. Signs would be a great idea though. I would love to be able to place some here and there to help me find my own caches lol.