Signs are constantly crashing people

I’ve had at least seven crashes with signs. Half of those either got me killed, or raided.
Seriously. The second a sign goes into my render distance, I crash. Just a few minutes ago, I was in a big firefight, with me having the upper hand.

Guess what happened? Yup. Looked at a sign and crashed. Lost all my shit.
My friend also placed down a sign. Both him and I crashed.

Any fixes for this?

Nope, no comment on this from devs as of yet. Keep up the pressure. It’s a serious problem that many of us are dealing with. I can’t play when no one else is on cause someone continually needs to watch me while I restart my game when I come in contact with signs.

Could that be because it’s the middle of the night in North America and the ass-crack of dawn in the UK, where garry and the studio office is?

its not the first time this problem is reported, people have been complaining all week on r/playrust , and here too.

yeah from day one this has been an issue.

hope they fix them or remove them

I crash a lot since the patch that do the introduction of sign… but I never make the link that’s it’s the sign that make me crash. I was thinking it is the render of base when I got close… But effectively each time I crash it’s in front of a base with a sign on it.

I never crash before this patch

Happens to me when I walk near my house (which has signs).

Basically the worst was yesterday, when I was in a gunfight with a bunch of guys and I ran to get ammo and crashed… So I was laying there with an AK, bolt, and Thompson…

Trying to re-open the game the damn launcher wouldn’t show! Finally got it to load and back in and I am safe. I ran back. Got my ammo. Killed them all.

However they could have just walked over, shot me in the head, took all my stuff and run off if they found me. Thank good for grass and green tops…

Has anyone noticed that the font size of signs seems to change too randomly?

I’ve done a bit of testing, and I think I can say that sprinting while going near a sign will definitely crash you.

I’ve also found that if signs are in close proximity to each other the text on one will either become corrupted or/then it will take on the text of what is on the sign near it…

Seeing as this has been the first iteration of signs I’m sure this will be actioned in either the upcoming mega patch on Thurs or soon after that.

Ugh. Just got nuked on my own server when I walked near a sign. It’s got to be un-cached signs. Looking forward to “Craft and mount a sign, forcing your opponents to crash” becoming a standard battle tactic.

No, because this is the 20th post I’ve seen on this issue, not the first. Nice job being a smart azz though :wink:

if anyone mentions system spec’s, please know that they have nothing to do with crashes from signs. ex: I have seen several people, all with dif specs most likely, who /all/ crash whenever they port to their base that has a sign in it

Same here, signs crash me pretty much everytime… the few times they haven’t, I drop from 90 fps to less than 10 fps and have to restart the game anyway. I’ve made it a mission to break all the signs I find… I’ve even raided some bases just cause their signs pisse me off.

Signs still crashing players. Fix please.