Signs are spamming the Server full


does somebody know why signs are spamming my server full ? I started it yesterday, had at peak 5 players and now i see in my “storage” folder unbelievable 2500 .PNG - Files.

I had a closer look to them, opened image 1, 51 and 501 , it seems to be exact the same sign in different statuses. Why don’t do they get deleted as soon as the second status save is made ?

Those are maps - as I pointed out here:

Garry told us he’s working on a way to auto-clean up the storage folder at some point.

Probably a player started drawing something, saved it, continued drawing it, saved it, etc… I know I save and edit my paintings a few times usually. A fix would be to have the file overweight as soon as it’s saved, instead of making a new copy. Or have unused signs deleted after a period of time.