Signs of there going to be a thirst factor added in a later update?

After the latest update i have seen how when you put your cursor over them it shows its calories and stuff like that but now some foods have how many liters of water they contain does that mean something?

Well… eventually it will be added. We’ll just have to wait for it.

It’s not something super urgent, so i don’t think it will be added soon.

But who knows?

Ok i was just wondering to see if anybody knew

This won’t be added soon. They have to figure out how to give water a more prominent role in the landscape before they tackle thirst.

Towns could have waterfountains. Radiated waterfountains. Then we would have to use anti-rad pills in the water before drinking. Then Bandits can camp waterfountains and make others die from thirst. Sounds wonderful.

I jest.

yah it probably will be after water polacing stuff will be added and the weather stuff . not soon at least few months i think . UI, stone house is main thing they do now i think that one should be fast i think

I just hope there will be more things to fight for rather than just airdrops