From watching streams, and videos I have to see signs. There is paper for crafting, so I was wondering if there are plans to add signs, or posters. If not I would like to see the added. Signs can be helpful, like if you share one house with multiple people, and you take on new people. If someone wants to share in your group, then the new person knows where to look. You could use the to put on your house for recruiting, mercenary for hire, and so on. They could also be used for baiting as well. Maybe even combine maps, and signs/posters to make a map for your inside your house. I heard a rumor global chat is being switched to direct chat, so signs could be a filler for some of the stuff I mentioned above.

So what do people think about signs/posters?

when i saw your suggestion on the sign thing, first thing that came to mind was trading :smiley:

Thanks, I forgot about trading. Funny thing is in Minecraft I built a peep show, and would put on shows for items. I would use signs to post what I wanted. I was also thinking about doing some trading in Rust the other day, well when keys are finally sold legit.