Apparently the crashing associated with them has stopped, good job!

Now all we need is 4x craft speed on gp and this game shall be pretty damn perfect!

Yeah, signs are finally stable. Took them long enough, but I’m happy with the outcome. The constant crashing was driving me nuts.

gotta say i prefer painting them anyway. makes it a bit more interesting;)

My Steam user name is Herbert the Pervert (as per my avatar). Thanks to this update, I was able to do what I’ve been wanting to for a long time. I have a huge sign on the front of my base that says “Quahog Boy’s Club”, and a large sign under it saying “FREE POPSICLES”.

Signs are still bugged though, the painting disappears if your away from it a certain distance, you have to go a long way away to get it to appear again

I think we can all agree this is minuscule in relation to the bug that made 50% players crash when they got in range of a sign. In fact, they could remove signs altogether and I wouldn’t really mind, they are cool and all but it’s vanity more than utility IMHO, esp with the painting now.

So anyways, I just wanted to give a positive shout out to Garry for fixing this bug. We’re always quick to blame when bad things happen, I feel it’s as important to highlight the good things :slight_smile:

No the %50 bug is now minuscule because its fixed it’s irrelevant now. The past. Disappearing paint is a new bug and now relevant.
Face Punch WANTS signs in the game they have for a long time, read the dev blog, They want us to use blood, charcoal etc to make them, this painting thing is a placeholder. Signs have place in Rust whether you like it or not their here to stay.

The last bug was kind of game breaking and was being exploited by people deploying signs during fights to try to crash their opponents.

This bug is just a slight annoyance. A bug that needs to be fixed, nonetheless, but merely a minor bug that has no consequence on game play.

Crash bug was priority #1 critical. This is priority #4388… All I’m saying. I don’t care much for them, didn’t say I wanted them gone. Now that they don’t crash my client 15x a day I can just go back to not caring about them.

as a nurse, i love this for the tylenol part XD

On official facepunch Amsterdam I found a house with a sign saying “art museum” … it wasn’t locked and had 2x 3on3 rooms full with modern art signs XD it was hilarious to find that … I wanted to leave donations for it but there was to box to put it :frowning: