[SiiK] is recruting !

Same clan just different name

We are playing on the EU server with around 10 members

Currently we use skype to communicate, we have mumble and teamspeak on standby but some of ours members are having trouble with it.

To Join :

English language

no douchebags or greedy fuckers and u are allright.

contact me on this page and i will give you info to join.

i would like to join :slight_smile: i am kindoff new i got killed many times so i dont have much anymore. i use skype aswell as teamspeak. have a logitech G430 gaming headset so microphone shouldnt be a problem.

I’d like to join, been going lone wolf for a while now, I fancy joining a group :slight_smile: I’m 20, from UK.

allright guys i will post skype info in pms

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cant pm you mate, so send me a message with your skype name!

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you have gotten the info

if you want 18+ member at least spell like you are 18+ and use some half decent grammar

skype is bawlz