Silencer does it reduce damage or range?

Hello all,

I ran into a conversation where there was multiple opinions on how the silencer functions in Rust:

So belie it does less damage, other believe it just has less range when you equip it, some people think both.

How does it really work? The description on the item says it will reduce damage slightly. Has anyone tested this recently?

It reduces range but not the damage. PERIOD!

Silencer reduces just range APPARENTLY.

Yep, just range.

It reduces both.

Edit: People who downvotes me seems to have a lot of idea about silencer on this game. /facepalm

The wiki is wrong, it almost never gets updated, there’s plenty of incorrect information over there.



Got any hard data?

This is why silenced P250 is awesome, it’s range is huge to start with. People never know where you are with a silenced P250.

this is not COD it does not reduce the damage or the range, The only thing it does is make it “harder” to aim.


Where the vote DUMB x 10 option?

It takes the same amount of hits to kill something with and without the silencer. It doesn’t effect the damage output one bit. As far as the range, I have not tested it specifically.

Does anyone know what the range is reduced to? 9mm range maybe?

Video addressing damage and range. Damage does not change, range does.

this is real life usage, however.

Tested in Server just now. Range is reduced 10 meters to 15 meters. Damage is not.

The MP5 is better. :zoid:

Wish it worked like that in rust.
Also, isn’t there like a minuscule increase in bullet velocity due to the compressed gasses?
Like, it’s barely noticeable or something like that.

I imagine at point blank it’d make a good difference

not like many will survive point blank