Silencer range reduce

Hello, does anyone know how much range does silencer reduce?
Like, on M4 and Bolt Action Rifle?

Because I wanted to check if its worth implenting on em’ silencers.

I found this on playrustwiki:

the range part is correct however the dmg part isnt

It won’t decrease the damage just the range . damage 0% range about 35% . haven’t played for 1-2 months but I think that was it

the range part is not ccorrect either, bolt action drops from 240 to like ~160, you call that 10%???

Is that right for sure?

Yep it is correct .

unless someone does something a little more scientific to test exactly how much range is lost, i think its safe to just say “loses range, dont think it loses damage” :slight_smile:

Damage is defs dropped. Not by much. A full blast on animals even shows it usually.

Tested a long time ago and nothing changed . It doesn’t decrease damage - try it on a fellow player and you shall see it’s the exact same amount with or without and the range is decreased by 35%

damage does change.

AFAIK it only changes the shotgun’s damage but it’s not bullet damage that changes, it’s bullet spread. The silencer concentrates the spread a bit, ultimately increasing the damage at max range since the bullets are closer together and more will hit where you are shooting.

Range is def more than a 10% diff, its more like 40%… You can easily see this on a bolt action… its almost useless with a silencer, might as well use a M4.

Damage is reduced, you can test it on animals.
Been a while since I did it but unsilenced bolt is 4 hits on a bear for a kill, silenced it’s 5 for a kill.
There is a range reduction but have no clue by how much.

I only use a silencer on a shotty if I wanna farm animals without attracting attention, the drawbacks are to big for any other gun.

Damage is reduced by 25%. Range is reduced by 25%.

Hope this helps.