(Silent) Commands issue

Since some donors has access to the command ulx forcenr, it’s a problem if every admin and mod can see the (Silent) command.
Is there a way to make it so that only Owner group can see it?
These are my groups:

Why does it matter if all admins see it? Also imo it’s a really bad idea to give people, who can buy it, the power to force new rounds. I can already see the abuse.

I asked how to do that not if there is a matter if only admins can see it.

Bump, i need urgent help with that. Please, anyone would be so kind to help me?

Dude. Just make donator guns and models and other items in pointshop for donators or something. Giving a player the ability to become a T when ever they want is a bad idea period because then they can just do it every time and their would be a lot more t’s and they would reck the innos.