Silent entry

As I am fairly new to this screenshot business, could I get some constructive criticism on this please :slight_smile:

This is as high as My Graphics will go, any higher and the game force quits :frowning:

Not a bad start. I have seen worse.
Camera angle is okay but the posing is rather wonky. The SAS bloke with the pistol should be using both hands and holding the weapon straight, level with his eyes. God only knows what the fella in the background is doing… looks like he’s waiting for the bus.

I have started posing ragdolls by there head first so they stand up straight now. Is this a good tactic?

Probably not. I usually start with the upper-chest and work down, then pose the arms and the head last. Make sure you tuck the arse in too.

Cool thanks. The dude on the left, btw, has just Tango’d the deceased person on the floor behind him.

Um… tango is a military term referring to an enemy soldier.

… unless of course you are referring to an obscure 1990s British orange soda advert.

Tango is codeword for target. To be Tango’d is to be targeted.

Shouldn’t he kill him then? If he’s only targeted him?

You know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the title meant “sleep rape”

Well Maybe it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats not a silencer on the end of his glock you know :wink:

Silent entry…


Sounds sexy.

For a moment there I thought the guy with the pistol had a transparent chest.