Silent Hill 4 The Room characters

Hi there.
If someone riped out models from SH2 and SH3, so why not riped the models from SH4? (except for Henry, it’s on
I’m talking about this characters:
Walter Sullivan

Cynthia Velasquez

and, of course Eileen Galvin

It’d be nice.

there is a model viewer/extracter for the game so it shouldnt be hard for someone to get the models

I was quite surprised to find out nobody tried to port anything from Silent Hill 4 outside of Henry himself. I’d definitely love to see Cynthia ported though.

if you have it, then i’m own you, mate

He reminds me of Edge.

I was thinking of doing some port with Eileen, when I get back in a few months, but im sure someone who owns the game can get models before then

Well, it’s on my PC now.
Lead the way, chief. (Instructions in PM)

download that, follow its instructions

Thanks man.

Sorry, I saw the title, looks at the first character and automatically thought of…