!!! Silent Hill 4's Eileen Galvin !!!

i couldn’t find her from any website so i managed to rip her head from the game and then stuck it to a generic female body model… i cant rig it and put it on Gmod so i was wondering if anyone else could do it for me since i have the model already. id really appreciate it.

i have the .obj model and if it helps i also have her pose-able body model in .pz3 on the Poser program.

for the model just email me at suoyazran@aol.com . if you need anything else or if theirs any way i could help just let me know. thanks!


You could have said “Nude Model” in your title to warn people.

srry but it wont let me fix it…


No… just no…
I expected a request for a clothed Eileen. Sure I tolerate the odd nude female, but not in such quantaties as on these threads.

well i couldn’t get it any other way…