Silent Hill 5 Pyramid Head, Bubble Head Nurse and Schism

You all know what pyramid head looks like. Hes the guy with the cheesegrater for a head, and yes, I am full aware that there is a SilentHill 2 pyramid head around, I have looked. But it’s not as good as sh5

This is the nurse from Sh5, she’s different than 3.

And this is the Schism.

It’s for pc, ps3 and 360. If someone could rig these then it would be amazing.

Holy crap where can I get this?

my silent hill pack, it’s still a WIP though

Pyramid head ruleZ

:open_mouth: i didnt know she turned into a nurse! XD she makes for a hot nurse! XD

Damn we need some Homecoming models in gmod. The game wasn’t the best of the series, but some of those monsters were pretty damn awesome. The whole bondage thing with that muscular tank guy and the woman strapped to his back was messed up.

I have S-low’s pyramid head, nurse and those annoying flying bugs. Not worth giving out, though. The rigging sucks.

Dear Lord, those are some delicious legs, just like these ladies.

Are those models on S-Lows website, or are they private? I have Pyramid Head and he looks great.

The PH works absolutely fine, and I’d assume if I got ahold of the Nurses that I could probably work some magic with them (hint - I’d like to give the nurse models a try for a cool screenshot edit).

Note/Edit: The PH model itself should be available in a screenshot section thread called “Pyramid Head”. The link should be in the first post of the thead itself, and I would assume that the link is still active. :smiley:

Awesome screenshots, backed up by an awesome model.

hey can someone reupload the elieen galvin nurse model please

There was no link to the model, meaning it was never released, or it wasn’t ported to Gmod. Now stop bumping threads.