Silent Hill: Downpour - Weeping Bat A.K.A. The Miner

The Weeping Bat A.K.A. The Miner
from Silent Hill: Downpour

• 6 sizes included
• 2 Skins (Default and wounded)
• Toes movable via Fingerposer




Original Model by Vatra Games

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Also, i’d like to know if i should put my next ports (including every model i’ve ported) into one megathread which will be updated with every new upload.
please vote with agree or disagree.

Downpour’s monsters were dumb, but this will be useful for something. Thanks!

And personally, I rarely ever check up on model megathreads since I never know when something new is out or not.

I agree with Dean. Maybe you should make new posts to say that you have updated something? Awesome port btw!

Without a doubt my fav monster from Downpour. Well done man!

Well, you may be indifferent to know that with this release, you have officially become a franchise in my Addons folder. I just went and dug all of your other beasts from their respective subfolders to exist in one big TheMask addon. Well, except for the Aliens. Because Aliens.

I still don’t know what I’m going to do with all of these horrible monsters, but I randomly find things like this useful, so thanks.

After thinking about it, I think a megathread may be useful for you, since you have a whole lot of small, high quality releases that it would be hard to track down individually. Just my two cents though.

I 2nd this motion.