Silent Hill: Episode Ash (Sneak Peek, of sorts.)

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I must say, I find it amazing I’m actually going to be contributing SOMETHING–albeit a crappy little movie-- to this place after lurking here for many years (millennia).

Basically, I was just fooling around in rp_silenthill (Which is an amazing map, so much love to Sgt. Sickness for the beautiful recreation) and an idea hit me. It started out as a little experiment, but the power of ADDsbergers hit me, and I ended up working on this for a day straight without pause other than for sustenance. I can be that way when I’m in work mode. As I said, this is more or less a little experiment; if people like this enough I’ll probably continue, as I have another machinima project on the horizon I’d like to get some experience for first (A machinima of TF2 I think would have a lot of OBJECTION!)

I did this in plain old GMOD with some help from Sony Vegas. Appropriate credits are in the video description. I’m not a professional by any means as you will see; the bit where the gun is fired had originally been Gmod removing the gun from Jason’s hands – I had to try and edit it in manually. After about 6 tries I gave up. I’m a perfectionist, but I’ve been too eager to show this to at least SOMEONE.

tl;dr version: I like vidya games, specifically Silent Hill. Lookie what I made!

Couple of things I was wondering. In the original Silent Hill, the camera was not static, but rather it followed you around. Is it possible to do such a thing myself and still have control of the ‘character’ on screen?

I believe Customizable Third Person has a few cinematic features that you’re looking for, CapsAdmin made it. Should be around in the lua releases section.

Oh wow, that does sound nice. It also beats having to aim while using a static camera following my player. :X Thanks for the tip.

I’m not sure if it’d work that well in a machinima though

Well the thing is, this machinima is supposed to look as if I were playing a game. The game is just made up, however. So if it looks more like it’s suited for gameplay, that works perfectly.

EDIT: Okay after watching the video in your link, this is perfect. Much love.