silent Hill: Homecoming - Feral

URL because image is MASSIVE.

It seems like a good idea, I love these guys anyways.
It’d probably be a fun snpc if it ran after you and tried to rip off your face like in the game. <:D

But ragdoll would be good too.
<3 yay, puppy.

Silent Hill: Homecoming is for the xbox 360, i don’t know if it’s for any other systems than that.

It’s on PC and PS3 as well.

There’s porting tools for Homecoming.

What about Alex? i’d like a ragdoll of him.

i want nurses

they have nurses somewhere i think, i’ve seen em on Deviantart
picture on Deviantart here:
Description says posed in Gmod.

Someone started to port Alex. Before Sam Fisher was ripped from the new Splinter Cell someone made a hacked together one using a L4D2 infected with Alex’s head (albeit retextured)

Sorry for the SUPER LATE bump, but I got the PC version and managed to export the .OBJ file for the feral, could someone rig it?

i want the Mannequin

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You’re unbelievable.