Silent Hill Homecoming, Toluca Lake [Recreated Scenebuild, 1680x1050]

my favorite scenebuild, probably won’t be completed, no time to spend for that. Feel free to edit.
The workshop save files [let me know if it works well]

the original SH Homecoming picture**

//v1. slighty edited in ps

Instead of choosing the original track “Witchcraft” I’d like to post the piano cover. Thanks to DannyxDarko13

//**v2. unedited
**’s mod/pw_ocean_day0011.jpg


This really needs some fog.

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Otherwise, great job.

What is that snow covered mountain? Is that a prop for scenebuilding too?

the shore is beautiful but the horizon is butt ugly

Some more clouds maybe?

yeah you can get it from the map gm_mountainside.

Forgot to post this, back to 2010. The first WIP scenebuild.

i must say i always loved your foliage

Gorgeous. Just needs - as said already - some fog.