Silent Hill: Living Hell Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Here’s my Silent Hill series made in Garrys Mod. 3/5 of episodes are ready.
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

Holy shit, part one scared the shit out of me.

But yeah, if you want to do a proper video, then you should improve the quality with a high resolution, good editing and maybe a voiceactor.

Keep up with the work.

Yeah, but i use Fraps to record. If i use highest resolution, video lags. Without Fraps and highest resolution FPS is 40-50, but when i start recording with fraps high resolution video, it drops to 15-20. It’s really annoying.

I’ve seen this AGES ago…

Umm, there is part 3. And is new, i added it today.

I made trailer of Part 4. Watch it.
In vimeo, better quality.

Holy frik. Part one scared me with the waking corpse, part two made me fly back in my chair immediatly taking off my headphones. Sissy or what?

Record in more than first person please, and get a voice actor. This has a lot of potential, don’t waste it.

Yeah, i think same too. In episode 4 i record more in third person and “silent hill” like perspectives.

If you want great recording quality without lag like FRAPS does, try using WeGame It doesn’t lag like FRAPS does and its video quality is fantastic. And as mentioned earlier, take some shots from third person and add in some voice acting, makes for a much more engaging machinima. Good Luck!

Third part was dull to say the least.