Silent Hill Main Character NPCs or Player M.

Hi there. Im just new on that huge community. I’d started to make my own little productions on Garry’s Mod.
There are many things i love from this site. Many and many hours of work from the people who like ripping models, textures… and making their own stuff.

I will request something… but anyway it will be strange, because is my first post in here.

I just got the Silent Hill Pack… which has the models i need… but there are one thing i really need.

The Harry Sunderland (SH2 Main Character) Player model… and NPCs.
Would be also helpfull the other models (all main characters) (Heather, SH4 main character, Maria, Mary…)

I have no idea about making Hexed stuff… or Programming LUA… or Making that models Players Models. (Of Course, i will train myself on the following days, but im worried wont be enough)

Would any one, make the favour of helping me with that stuff?

Some day i will return the favour back anyhow.

(At least posting the movie im making right now in here)

THANK You Soo Much for reading all my large coment.

Have a nice week every one!

Wrong section, this belongs to

i need help, i need a couple of ragdolls made from art work done by my sister. i’ll make sure that the art work will be as clear as posible. if any one is intrested please e-mail at