Silent Hill nurse

Well, I thought I’d give it a try … Can someone port or make a nurse model for gmod ?

The pics are from Silent Hill 5

theres one in the silnet hill 3 pack on

He wants Silent Hill 5

it’s the same model!

Give me a link! But I doubt its the same nurse from sh5

Wrong. The Silent Hill 3 nurses actually have a face.

The Silent Hill 5 variation of the nurse is based off the Silent Hill movie, which as you can see, has a completely bandaged/deformed up face.

Long time ago I saw that model but it was private.

Doesn’t take two guesses as to who’s model that was. =’(

I believe mariokart64n did the SH2 nurse, and S-low did the SH5 one. I used to have a link for her, but I reformatted recently so I lost it.

the HL2 engine can’t do those models justice. refraction seems to have a different meaning in HL2…that or i don’t understand it.

reflection = light bouncing
refraction = light absorbing

the SH5 nurse has a refraction map, so that when you expose it to light, you see veins and a baby…

not to mention the rimlighting etc… we could probably get pretty damn close, but not quite.

>>renders i did back when I was interested in this crap;
(the clothes for the model are actually really terrible, and the textures are not high res)