Silent Hill project conversion

Hello, I have a slight dilemma. I’m currently working on a project that involves converting Silent hill levels into the source engine. All of the models and levels use the .OBJ/FBX format. My question is, how do you convert it into a collidable level into source? What is the best approach? I have researched techniques using crafty and wallworm but I wanted answers to these questions before I started testing to get the best possible approach to the problem.


P.s. I have access to most modeling software.

Screenshot of a school level

Wallworm works for me, in my experience it’s the fastest way. Just load it into Max and export it with that, you can either build collisions with Wallworm’s tools or block it out by hand with Nodraw brushes in hammer. Just make sure you use -staticproplighting and -staticproppolys on your VRAD options in an advanced compile.

Thanks for the tips.

If the entire map is composed of unique models, then it would probably be best to use the method TurtleeyFP is talking about, where you use Nodraw brushes as collision for the world. Only downside will be that the default nodraw doesnt have a material type, so if you shoot wood, or metal there is no distinction with the sound or particle that would play (nodraw doesnt spawn either sounds or impact particles). There would also be no footstep sounds.

It’s better to use wallworm to convert all of the faces into brushes. That way you get lightmaps, collision, and footstep sounds.