Silent Hill The Movie - Trailer (HD)

Hey folks,

check out my newest project, the trailer of Silent Hill The Movie, completely done in Garry’s Mod.
What do you think?

Thanks in advance,

Faceposing and movement could’ve been better, but awesome overall.

Looks so epic dude, the cinematography and editing is just beautiful. The only thing I recommend you change is the one scene where the car crashes, the lamps stuck to the front of the car are painfully obvious. I’m assuming you’re using Vegas to edit, so maybe you can just make a light effect in the editing process and put it on that way, but PLEASE take the lamps out, lol.

Yeah, the lamps bugged me as well. Didn’t find a better solution, lol.
Yes, Vegas did the editing job!

That’s why I was saying that you could maybe make a ‘light’ thing in Photoshop (if you have it) and then throw it into the movie clip in Vegas. But, you would have to re-shoot the scene. Also, are you using Source Recorder or FRAPS?

My trial of Photoshop is over, so I have to switch :frowning:

I used fraps for the recording, thanks for the critic!

Nicley done. Me like:)

Woaw, cool.

the character movement should be a little more lively and expressive, but pretty good i suppose. better than anything i could do.

The biggest barrier is (apart from the awesome lamps attached to the car) to export the expressions as well (via Faceposer). Does anyone have any tipps? I also created new maps with the help of tutorials, but there are no expressions to be found.

Check out some outtakes:

This is win i loved it :slight_smile:

2:14 happy little bag.

Creepy as hell,but still good.

When it is creepy, it is good. Try imagen a Silent Hill without the creepyness:)

Nice! :buddy: