♀Silent Hill VS Nick (Section II)


Nick, right now is one hell of a time to act serious.

Why do all the textures look so blurry?

And why are they hugging themselves?

Pretending to be statues I think/

Textures are blurry because the lighting and they’re hugging themselves because they’re cold. Just kidding, Alex is grabbing his side because he’s hurt and Nick is just being an idiot.

Their eyes look weird too.

Why’s there a symbol for females in the title?
Just curious, and if he’s holding himself due to pain, it would be nice to have some blood or something to show it.



There is a female symbol placed in the title to get your attention.

In the Silent Hill games the characters never get blood spattered, that is why he is not blood spattered.

Looks like you rendered it in 3ds max.

It is. You can’t get those quality shadows in Gmod.

Is that a Schism I see? Those guys annoyed the hell outta me.
Posing seems kinda odd for the scene and im not overley keen on the lighting or the wierd textures. But the camera angle is quite good.

Oh wait, this isn’t gmod? Erm…

Then this is in the wrong section. This is GMod Screenshots.


I do not like this.

If you want bloody better max shadows, at least make the effort to also make an ambient occlusion layer. Right now the scene looks worse than most stuff from gmod.

You didn’t even change the lighting system into anything other than max’s default lighting, did you?

lol, had you guys fooled. Yeah, those are schisms (Axe heads)


Coulden’t have done it without Gmod.

Oh, I get it. You posed it in gmod, then ripped the scene with dxripper and rendered it in 3ds max. Yeah, I thought of that before, it’s not a bad way of doing pictures, as long as you’re not using max’s default lighting, which looks far worse than gmod itself.

Ambient Occlusion Layer, Explain this. As far as shadows go, they are higher quaility, you can really tell on the left Axehead. How they react to certain textures can make them look lower grade.


Yes! You got it. I did apply multiple lights for the scene, though. “Target Lights.” Analiased and with custom settings.

No, not really.
You could get better looking lighting in gmod with a couple of lamps and lights.


And next time, add a skylight to the scene and set advanced lighting to “light tracer” in render settings. That will already will look a shitload better than this.

Sounds like a good amount of help, right there. I’ll keep that stuff in mind, this is why I post on FP. I’ll try this and reupload it to compare the difference.


By “Sky light” you mean “Mr. Sky Portal?”


Hey wait a minute, “Ray Tracing” is enabled. I pretty much enabled everything I possibly could to make the scene high quaility aside from the sky portal. Your problem is not with the shadow quaility, the shadows are great. You seem to be having a problem with something else.

I really can’t explain it without an example. Where do you see the shadows reacting poorly to the models?