Silent House

This is a map made by CurtLemon. I am his sidekick posting it for him. It was made about 2 or so years ago.
This is a Silent Hill themed single player puzzle/horror map. It’s along the lines of Nightmare House, so think of it as a mod if anything.
To install, extract to \username\half life 2 episode 2\ep2
Yes, it is for episode 2. After installing it, go to console and type map gm_silenthouse.

I have played it and fell in love it. I am working with Curt on a sequel, and it promises to be awesome. The plot will be much more in depth, more music, custom sound effects, and better maps. We hope to gain support for this undertaking.

Hm looks interesting, I’m going to check it out.

Alright I just finished playing this.
I’ll start off with the problems:
-It’s too dark to see anything. Sure, it’s supposed to be a dark, scary map, but I was unable to continue due to the lack of any lights whatsoever because I just couldn’t find the right way.
-There are some blocky buildings and it in general looks pretty cramped (in a bad way).
-There are no doorframes which results in the map looking blockyier.
-I could find the first and third piece to the first door puzzle, but no matter how thoroughly I searched the house, I couldn’t find the second piece to the puzzle and had to noclip to continue.
-I found the npcs extremely tiresome to fight since they would just continue spawning and it felt especially annoying to be trapped with lots of fast headcrabs continuously spawning next to me.
-The fog in combination with the lack of light annoyed the hell outta me. I know it was supposed to be a dense, sight taking fog (and it achieved that well… too well), but that didn’t really help me finding the right way. I could just barely find all the four puzzle pieces and then I was screwed. I went around the whole area, desperately trying to find the escape route back to the puzzle place, but my attempts of escape were in vain.
-There was story/suspense missing. It could have been greatly improved by adding more notes which told a bit of story or maybe some other signs of what the place the player is at might be.

However, there were quite a bunch of things I liked starting off with:
-The custom sounds were great and very scary.
-Some moments really made me shit my pants (which is a good thing in a horror map).
-The puzzles were good (the way the pieces of the first puzzle had to be acquired was especially good(except for piece No. 2)).
-The openable lockers, shelves, fridges, etc. were well done and almost always gave me a “Oh damn… there’s something scary gonna be in there…” moment while opening them.
-The idea of placing those random pieces of paper with notes on them was pretty good and created some nasty suspense “Are there going to be ghosts? Monsters? Other creepy shit…?” (Although sadly, that suspense wasn’t used to the fullest and even quickly destroyed by the npc fights).

So all in all I’d say it’s a decent/good mappack which still requires some work.

P.S. Wooh, I wrote quite wall of text there…
P.S. P.S. I’ve just wondered… if this was made 2 years ago why was it released this late and not right after the maps were completed?

In terms of blocky buildings and other map flaws, I will tell that to Curt.
I had my own concerns, but it had nothing to do with the puzzles. I found the pieces right away, and if you had a flashlight on the wall on the first floor, you would have seen the square. I guess he could have made the square more pronounced, which would make the player want to hit it with the crowbar. The other was in the tv.
The fog for me was easy to traverse. It was supposed to be very thick, which is plain silent hill shit. It may be a matter of not enjoying the style, not a bad map. Silent Hill 2 was exactly the same.
BUTTTTTT, i can’t just say “omgz, ur rong gtfo”. I will keep your hints in mind. I don’t think we will have the same pitch black situation like you found in Silent House. Also, I will be acting as a tester for the map. I will make sure we don’t have near impossible puzzles as well. Curt did this solo when he made it, which i give props to him for.
When I first came to him, he had his ideas in mind and had a map going actually. Since I entered the project, we have changed his original idea radically, and we both agree it is going to kick much ass.
And in regards to the reasoning behind telling facepunch 2 years later… well i don’t know. Guess he never posted it here.

So you’re already working on a version 2? If so I’m already looking forward seeing it released some day :smile:.

Screenshots show nothing. Mainly because of the ingame filter rape.

Progress on the sequel is going great. We’ve just started to get custom models and textures into the game. The beginning of the game takes place in downtown Silent Hill. Besides one house that is replaced with a house that we designed, the map will look very similar to the game town. We’re making good progress (Me and Miklagard), and we hope to see more downloads of the first game, and more replies, here on the forums. - Curt Lemon

Any screenshots of the progress yet? And maybe in % how much is done already?

I could get some screenshots later today, or later this week . . . I cannot give out a percent done yet, I truly don’t actually know. We’ll keep you updated more often. - Curt Lemon

This is really scary!

Yes yes. I don’t think we will be giving a post by post update system in the thread as to our progress. Mods might get a tad bit pissed, and the last thing i need is another fucking ban. Also, we don’t have a set plan as to what we should do. We sorta have a system of finishing parts of the map at a time, then just working off the spot and getting new ideas. Those ideas, however, must work with the main plot, which we will not be changing anytime soon.
I thank you guys for the support in this undertaking.

I believe that the only thing we really need: is new NPCs. That’d be a big task, but it would make the sequel that much better and scarier. Still no screenshots, went away to celebrate my independence, and had a very good time. I hope everyone else did too. So far, we’ve mapped out the house, not including its basement. I’m currently mapping out the dead end side of Munson street, and the dead end of Saul street has been just about finished, it just needs a few perfections here and there . . . So, that’s where the start will be, on the corner of Saul & Munson. More will be revealed later. - Curt Lemon


Thank you for posting the problems you had with the first game ShadowDeath, it most definitely has been taken into account in the sequel, such as adding door frames, putting much more detail into the buildings and environment, and the game will be driven much more by the story. We hope to take care of the rest of the problems. - Curt Lemon

Currently working on Munson street, mapping out the houses that lie on the Southern end. we’ll be including Katz street, and we’ve still got to debate which path we’ll need the player to take in order to go North towards the lake, because we don’t want it to simply be a straight shot. The only thing that is standing in our way of mapping it out, is to get it to look just like the game.

Here’s some extra information: The game will include different transitions between rooms and areas, similar to what exists in the Silent Hill games. Also, you’ll be able to read articles, or gain information from scraps of papers, or newspapers, just like the real game!

We’ve just recently ran into something that might not be too important, but still shouldn’t be ignored. We’ll need some fighting sequences, but all we have is Half-Life 2 zombies, headcrabs, fast zombies . . . etc. If we use them too much; those monsters might spoil the Silent Hill vibe that we’re working really hard to recreate. We’re planning on using them in much smaller numbers, and in more strategically chosen positions, but if we can get a volunteer to create some really cool Silent Hill NPCs for us (which is a huge task, I know) that’d remove that problem entirely. Neither of us knows how to create NPCs.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! - Curt Lemon

Here are some screenshots:

Inside Father’s house:
Father’s House from front yard:
Saul Street tunnel:
Corner at Rendell and Munson Streets:
Looking down Munson Street:
A house on Munson:

So, here is a map that indicates all of our progress so far (when it comes to the mapping part) the red indicates all of the area that has been mapped already, the blue indicates where the father’s house lies. The big long road going north and south that does not seem to have a name is Munson Street, if anyone is wondering. There is a lot of detail throughout all of the map so far, and it looks very similar to what the actually game looks like. Enjoy!

  • Curt Lemon

This looks good and promises to become better, good job and keep working!

If the first one turns out to be great, then I can’t wait for the second one!

But speaking of the first, I just tried using it, and I’m running into some problems. (BTW, I’m new to mods, though I’ve already gotten multiple maps to work in GMod.) I put the three map files in steamapps<my account>\half-life 2 episode two\ep 2\maps, and this works. I’m not sure where to put the “sound” folder, though.

Also, I’m coming into this mod without having anything in Ep2 but the grav gun at the moment, and I can’t find any way to get into the house (I had thought that maybe I needed at least the grav. gun or the crowbar in an Ep2 save file beforehand, but apparently not). Door doesn’t work, can’t get in through the first floor windows, and couldn’t find any passages at ground level, nor a crowbar in the vicinity for breaking the boards.

And I don’t know if this will be a problem later, but I went ahead and loaded the second map to see if I would have any weapons at that point, and I wasn’t even able to use the flashlight.

Just the size of this mod makes me salivate in anticipation, so I’m really looking forward to getting these issues taken care of. Help will be very much appreciated!

Curt should come over to aid, but already I see you did something wrong. You were supposed to take all the contents of the folder, and put it in the ep2 folder. And that would be it. There is no going into the maps folder with this installment.

Thanks. I was wondering about that, but the description or the readme said to install to a path that didn’t exist–the install path skipped over “half-life 2 episode two” and went straight to “ep2”.

Okay Angry_Hoagie . . . first of all, sounds should simply be extracted to your ep2 folder. Looks like you’ve got the maps in the right directory.

After that, you can load the map, and it starts you out with no weapons for reason. Looks like you’re looking for tips. The very first door is locked, and you might notice that there is a large rectangular hole next to it. That’s your clue. I don’t want to spoil anything. If you’re really getting stuck, contact me at my email address: (So everyone else doesn’t have to read over my spoilers . . .) I’m sorry for the problems, just looks like you need to get more experienced with this stuff, eh? Anyway, good luck! - Curt Lemon

I had been searching around the house and vehicles exclusively. The sound also helped.

Thanks, Miklagard and Curt! Everything’s working fine now (except my computer freezing when I looked at some stuff on the floor).

We’re currently working on the story layout, and planning out the maps. Some things that we’ll need is some post-processing effects. If anyone has any knowledge about how to add post-processing effects into Half-Life 2: Episode 2, please let me know. - Curt Lemon