Silent Loud Assassins Gaming {SLA Serious RolePlay, TTT and MC}

Silent Loud Assassins (SLA) Gaming is a great community featuring a total of three Serious RolePlay servers. Admins contribute to the community by keeping the servers clear of mingebags trying to ruin the game for others. An SLA Admins duty is to IC (In Character) test a roleplayers ability to roleplay. If the newcomer seems to be unable to roleplay, the helpful admins (and possibly a player volunteer) will help the newcomer become a roleplayer.
Note: My SLA forum name is PhaZe.

SLA Gaming leaders: Chrik and Xeon.

SLA Gaming website:

SLA features such servers as:

- **(RP)** Novus Two: Rising Conflict (
Currently running on: rp_apocalypse

- **(RP)** Half-Life 2: Episode Two (
Currently running on: ud_rebellland_beta_02b

- **(RP)** Fallout: New Reno - The Roleplay (
Currently running on: gm_atomic

- **(TTT)** Trouble in Terrorist Town (
Current map varies.

- **(MC)** Minecraft Server (
Map never changes.

Novus Two: Rising Conflict, National Guard faction introduction:

Novus Two: Rising Conflict server introduction:

The SLA Gaming owner is a great Admin and lua king, he constantly adds and fixes new features to the servers.
Heres a small list of what SLA features on the servers (Note: Not everything is featured on every server):
– Fallout weaponry such as Laser Rifles, Micro Fusion ammunition and even Laser Rifle upgrade items!
– Radiation, makes your radiation levels raise when in certain areas or doing certain things.
– Cooking food, put some raw meat on a fire and it will cook, removes radiation!
– Overencumbering, instead of being limited with how much you can carry, you can now carry unlimited items! Although if you carry more than your limit the bar will turn red and you will become overencumbered, making you lose walk speed the more items you carry over the limit.
– S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck.
– Fallout Pip-Boy 2000, used to view your stats.
– Custom AI Director, automatically spawns zombies and items along on randomly selected spots over the wasteland.

And thats just some features that dwells within SLA Gaming.

Join the experience.

I have played in SLA servers.
It doesn’t seem like actual roleplay, it is more like GMOD version of Fallout.
That’s why I haven’t been so interested about it.

If this is the case, atleast don’t advertise as a “Serious” roleplaying server, as Its kind of mis-advertising.

We’re not sandboxers, we’re serious roleplayers.

I don’t mean that, I mean how the RP is pushed through the script.
This is very common problem with gamemodes like Nexus and OpenAura.
As I’m friend of Chrik, I must say that he did good job with the scripting, but it seems to kill the roleplay.
I’m very sorry, that’s just my opinion though.

I take back my words.
I tried the Fallout: New Reno Roleplay and I must say that it was quite fun.
Anywho, many players had mediocre grammar.