Silent Panic - A pose by 'gtanoofa'

POSED BY: gtanoofa

Quick edit.


Holy shit.

I can’t tell whether or not it looks like a painting or a photo.

But i can tell that it’s awesome.

I like the editing, makes it look digitally drawn.

Oh my god! That’s amazing.

it is very doubtful.

holy shat sauce you are god

That’s a lovely and artistic editing style.

Make me a child. Please.

This… this… holy fuck. Teach me. :swoon:

I like it.


So this is how you make “whine iz’z bland and generic!” in to “fooken awesome and totally unique”.

I’m sorry I don’t see it. Great editing but it’s still generic and bland.

Apart from the brown, I really like it.

Here, have this piece of wood with paint on it.

Well for a start this is actually edited competently

It propably is my best pose up to date though, i have never posed something so natural. Yes it’s generic and bland but everything is just perfect.